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There are two different search and dispaly interfaces available in TPMD :

Text Display
        TPMD contains the detail and original allele information of commonly used microsatellite markers including allele frequency, heterozygosity, range of allele size, genetic position and sample size from each laboratory. Other detail marker information could be obtained from useful links to UniSTS, to EnsEMBL and to map display of TPMD.

Calculation of heterozygosity

  • The formula of heterozygosity is If one assumes that a marker has 1, 2, ¡K, n alleles, the i allele occurs by the frequency fi.
  • Number of microsatellite markers¡G1437
  • Last update ¡GFeb. 05, 2005
Map Display
        The marker data in TPMD could also be searched and displayed according to cytogenetic, genetic and physical maps. The source of physical map is based on NCBI Homo sapiens Genome Build 34 Version 2. The graphic map display with links to commonly used microsatellite markers and to EnsEMBL is aimed to facilitate marker selection for refined mapping in various populations and positional candidate cloning of disease genes.

Calculation of heterozygosity

  • The heterozygosity value of markers listed in TPMD graphic map display is calculated from data of each lab. For example, the heterozygosity and sample number in lab1 are H1 and N1, in lab2 are H2 and N2, ¡Ketc. The heterozygosity is calculated based on the formula:
  • The heterozygosities of markers genotyped in Caucasian are based on data provided by manufacturers of marker sets or followed the data in The Center for Medical Genetics at Marshfield Clinic.
  • The heterozygosities of markers genotyped in Japanese are according to data reported in J. Hum. Genet. (2001) 46:207-210 for dinucleotide markers and J. Hum. Genet. (2001) 46:448-445 for trinucleotide and tetranucleotide markers.
        The marker data in TPMD could also be retrieved.

TPMD Data Contributors
Dr. Yuh-Shan Jou Academia Sinica
Dr. Tso-Ching Lee Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Dr. Hsiao-Fang Sunny Sun          National Cheng Kung University
Dr. Wen-Harn Pan Academia Sinica
Dr. Shih-Feng Tsai National Health Research Institutes


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