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** Protocol flow Chart **
  1. PCR reactions by using dye primer or dye incorporation
  2. PCR product pooling
  3. Purification of 96-well pooled markers
  4. Gel and sample preparation
Q & A

  1. Notes of database search
  2. Notes for PCR of microsatellite marker

  1. TPMD recommand optimal marker set
  2. Fluorescent-labeled microsatellite marker sets
  3. Microsatellite markers with atypical variation types in TPMD

  1. ALFRED--The ALlele FREquency Database
  2. ABI--Applied Biosystems
  3. Broad Institute
  4. CIDR--Center for Inherited Disease Research
  5. The Center for Medical Genetics at Marshfield Clinic
  6. The CEPH Genotype Database in Fondation Jean Dausset
  7. CHLC--The Cooperative Human Linkage Center
  8. CIT/DCB/BIMAS Genetic Linkage Analysis Home Page
  9. Ensembl Genome Browser
  10. GeneLoc
  11. Genetic Linkage Analysis in Rockefeller University
  12. GDB--The Genome Database
  13. Markers provided by DeCODE Genetics
  14. NCBI Human Genome Resources
  15. Research Genetics (MapPairs) at Invitrigen
  16. Sanger Institute
  17. UCSC Genome Browser
  18. UniSTS
  19. Utah Genome Depot
  20. Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research


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