Taiwan Polymorphic Marker Database (TPMD) Taiwan Polymorphic Marker Database (TPMD)

About TPMD
    Our aims to construct TPMD are to share useful genotyping information including data of genotyped microsatellite markers, genotyping resources and laboratory supports for promoting genotyping and gene cloning of prevalent diseases.
    TPMD contains microsatellite markers with di-, tri-, and tetranucleotide repeats deposited by four qualified genotyping laboratories and presented with user-friendly web interfaces for researchers.
    TThe newly developed TPMD graphic displays with integration of markers into genetic, cytogenetic and physical maps not only show the comparison of marker's heterozygosities in Taiwanese, Japanese, and Caucasian but also facilitate the selection and download of commonly used microsatellite markers for refined mapping and positional candidate cloning of disease genes.
To cite TPMD
     Nucleic Acids Research, 2005, Vol. 33, Database
     issue D174-D177
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Text Display
TPMD contains the detail and original allele information of commonly used microsatellite markers. more...
Map Display
The marker data in TPMD could also be searched and displayed according to cytogenetic, genetic and physical maps. more...
Download TPMD marker database. more...
Provide protocols, standard makers and useful links from Dr. Yuh-Shan Jou's lab.
ATGC consortium
It mentions why ATGC was established, and explains the purpose, scope of research, and expected achievements of ATGC.


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