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The  Division of Molecular and Genomic Medicine (MGM)  of the  National Health Research Institutes (NHRI)  was established with a mission to better understand the molecular and genetic basis of diseases prevalent in Taiwan. In the post-genomic era, the development of cutting-edge technology for genomic medicine at NHRI and in the nation will be important to achieve this goal. Therefore NHRI seeks to establish a nation-wide network to form a genotyping consortium and to collect reference genomic DNA information for studying genetic components of common diseases in local populations. The genotyping technology and information can be applied to study Mendelian traits as well as complex diseases.

The goals of this consortium are:

  1. To collect genomic DNA as population reference materials for genetic studies.
  2. To establish an island-wide network of genotyping core facilities for studying Mendelian and complex diseases prevalent in our population.
  3. To encourage sharing of genotyping resources and technologies, including markers and their data from our genetic background.
  4. To form a nationwide teamwork for searching disease genes responsible or associated prevalent diseases in Taiwan.


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